G Milet – Milk Let-Down

A very effective natural product, is a replacement of harmful Oxytocin used for let-down of milk. A dairy animal may resist to give milk, due to the death of it’s calf, the first time calvers or due to nutritional deficiencies. G Milet will calm down the agitated animal and activate the lacteal glands, enabling it to produce and let-down of more and nutritious milk. Oxytocin injection (it is banned) used for this purpose is harmful to the animal as well as to the consumers of such milk, which contains hormonal residues. G Milet is a very safe and natural homeopathic medicine which does not contain any chemicals and hormones (as in Oxytocin) . G Milet enables to cure the milk let-down problem for the entire lactation, without the use of Oxytocin injection. This medicine is thoroughly tested and contains no side-effects at all.

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