G FoMoHs

G FoMoHs (Foot And Mouth Disease) – FMD-HS is caused by many types of viruses. In-spite of vaccinations against FMD,the outbreaks of this disease has caused extensive economic losses to Dairy farmers. Control and eradication of the virus through vaccination has not proven satisfactory because the virus continually evolves and mutates. Even the polyvalent vaccine may not have that particular strain to assure immunity in the vaccinated animal. This means that the FMD vaccines must be highly specific to the strain involved, which till now has been rendered futile by the mutating virus.

Our product G FoMoHs has proved to be most effective in prevention and cure of FMD. G FoMoHs was used in FMD outbreak in Punjab from Jan-Mar 2010 – 2012, to the satisfaction of Dairy farmers. The Titer Test results showed high level of immune defenses in the farm animals treated with FoMoHs, thus eradicating any possibility of FMD attack. In addition G FoMoHs also protects against HS-Haemorrhagic Septicaemia and also cures the affected animals.

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